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Prenatal Care - "The Building Blocks to a Great Birth"
* Prenatal office visits last 45 - 60 mins, leaving plenty of time for questions and conversations
* 24/7 phone support
* Monthly visits up to 28 weeks (more as needed)
* Bi-weekly visits from 28-36 weeks
* Physical exam, clinical breast exam, pelvic exam, Paps/HPV screening, STI testing available if needed, routine lab work (All testing and screening will be discussed prior to completion)
* Early ultrasound for dating (if needed)
* 20 week anatomy ultrasound
* Maternal vital signs and exam
* Assessment of fundal height, fetal activity, position, and heart rate (via Doppler or  Fetoscope)
* Monitoring maternal physical and emotional well-being
* Nutritional counseling and suggestions for supplementation
* 36- week home visit to review birth kit supplies/birth pool delivery
* Weekly visits beginning at 36 weeks until birth (or more frequently as needed.)
* Risk assessments to ensure safety/appropriateness for home birth at each visit with obstetric consultation/referral as needed.
Labor & Birth Care

* Your labor team (midwife and skilled assistants) arrive to your home for labor & Birth

* Initial labor assessments maternal vitals, fetal heart rate baseline, fetal position, etc.

* Suggestions for comfort measures and family involvement

(active physical support as needed/requested)

* Calm encouragement and confident reassurance

* Intermittent fetal monitoring during labor

* Complete newborn exam

* Oral or Inject-able vitamin K, antibiotic eye prophylaxis, (Hep B vaccination will be provided by your pediatric provider, along with circumcision per family preferences).

Postpartum Care

* 24-hour postpartum home visit for both mother and newborn

* CCHD screening for newborn

* Newborn metabolic screening (foot poke blood spot card) state test

* Birth certificate and social security card filing

* Referral for newborn hearing screening at 1-week postpartum

* Home - visit on day 1 & 3 for mother and newborn

* Newborn footprints

* Breastfeeding support

* Community resources

* 1- week postpartum office visit, wt check for baby

* 2- week postpartum office visit, wt check for baby

* 6 - week postpartum/discharge visit for mother and baby at the office 

* Contraception counseling

* Pap/ HPV screening (if needed at 6 week visit).

Water Birth

The benefits of water birth

Being surrounded by warm water offers many benefits including:

* Less pain and higher satisfaction with the birth experience

* Less medication use for pain relief (this may be important for people who want or need to avoid epidurals or narcotic medications during labor)

* Possibly shorter labor

* Higher rates of normal vaginal birth.

* Higher rates of intact perineum.



AquaDoula Birth Pool

* Embrace Birth Care offers an AquaDoula which is a hard-sided birthing pool with built-in heating element to keep water warm, * Each client will be responsible for ordering their own liner, cleaning net and, and a new 25 ft hose when ordering their birth kit

* Embrace provides: Water source hose attachment adapter

* Motorized water pump to drain the pool.

* Please contact us with questions and for more information on water birth.


Oasis Round Inflatable Birth Pool 

* This 3- level air inflated birth pool work fantastic in most homes. It's inflated edge gives a soft spot to relax your arms and/or head on in-between contractions.

*Holds approximately 105 gallons of water, and is easy breezy for set-up and filling.

Well Body Care

Well body care with a midwife is a uniquely holistic experience. It is a proactive way to maintain good health and learn about your unique body. At Embrace Birth Care, we offer comprehensive 60 - 90 minute well-body care appointments. This ensures that we have enough time to do a thorough and in-depth medical history, a head-to-toe physical exam, and still have plenty of time to answer all of your questions. Depending on your needs, well body exams can also include: Pap/HPV testing, Breast exams, STI screening, screening for BV, or yeast. Review of birth control options and plan. From non- pharmaceutical method options to oral medications, and IUD placements. Schedule an appointment to talk to our midwives to find out what method works best for you.

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