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Billing & Fees

Fees for Services

The base package for midwifery services is an estimated total, based upon insurance use and a customized built care plan for each client. The largest fee is the global maternity care fee which includes: prenatal visits (in-office), labor and birth with your midwife at your home, and maternal postpartum care. Most families can anticipate a estimated total invoice around $8,000 -$10,000 for complete care. Each individual client's care is not exactly the same, billing is based on services and medical supplies utilized throughout care. Please call for more details about services, fees, and billing. *Prospective women and families are encouraged to schedule a free meet the midwife appointment to discuss financial details.

Insurance Billing & VOB

Most insurance companies reimburse for maternity care services from Licensed Midwives. Currently the state of Minnesota and South Dakota medicaid programs do not cover midwifery services with Licensed Midwives in the home-birth setting. A customized care plan will be put into effect for families with medicaid and those without any form of health insurance. The care plan is based on individual or family income. Please Contact Embrace Birth Care to discuss care plans and fees. Embrace Birth Care, LLC has partnered with professional billers to help families who plan to use commercial insurance to assess their coverage and out of pocket expenses. * Verification of Benefits (VOB) is $15.00 for commercial insurance companies.


**Methods of Payment include: cash, check, credit or debit cards, HSA/FSA accounts.

Non-included Fees

Services that are not included in the Maternity Global base package fee: *Lab fees & Ultrasounds are the responsibility of the client and are not included in the base package price. (My current lab bills insurance directly if contracted with your insurance company) (Harmony screening bills insurance directly) ** Rhogam injections, other medications * * Basic birth kit for home births start at around $62.00, along with any add-on supplies such as water birth supplies, pool liner, hose, adapter, net, etc.

* EMS Services in the event of a non-urgent, or urgent transfer to the hospital setting are the responsibility of the client.

* All hospital bills are the clients responsiblity

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